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Write-Up in Paradise News Magazine

Check out our latest write-up in Paradise News Magazine. Click on the image below to view larger.... Read More

Consumer Alert: Oriental Rug “Going Out Of Business” and Auction Scams

Sadly, we’ve all come across scams of sorts at some point in our lives… and it isn’t any different when it comes to Oriental Rugs. Many people have been scammed for thousands of dollars by dishonest dealers who either sell... Read More

Oriental Rugs Hit The Ground Running in Their Comeback

By Jura Konicus, Courtesy of The Washington Post. Photo by Michael K. Wilkinson/The Washington Post The tangerine and brick-red vintage tribal Persian rug on the September cover of House Beautiful heralds a major design direction. Oriental rugs are back. And... Read More

My rug was in a flood! Now what?

A Primer For What To Do If You Have A Flooded Rug With the torrential rains that have plagued the Tampa Bay Area the past three weeks, unfortunately many homes – mainly in South Tampa and Pasco County – have... Read More

What’s In A Knot?

Often times, when a customer is shopping for a new handmade rug, they’ll come across a rug that’s priced at – for example – $1000, and then they’ll see another same-sized rug at $3000. Hence, the question: “why is this... Read More

Proper Storage of Oriental Rugs

Rugs are meant to be enjoyed and used, in all traffic areas, with wear and tear, and plenty of light. It’s the everyday use that helps each rug develop its unique characteristics. But in the event that you have to... Read More

Is my rug an antique rug?

One of the most practical characteristics of oriental rugs is that good handmade rugs usually appreciate in value. You get to use them for years and they will actually be worth more in due time, with a little TLC and... Read More

Rug Imperfections – Your Rug Is Not Defective!

So you’ve recently bought a handmade rug, and after a week or so, you notice a few things – the rug seems to shed a bit. Or maybe you notice that there seems to be some color variations in the... Read More

How To Tell If A Rug Is Handmade?

What makes handmade rugs so practical and great is that they are works of art that endure heavy everyday use. Let’s say you’ve decided to purchase a handmade rug, but how do you know if the rug you are considering... Read More

Rug Buying Tips

Educating yourself about the product you are buying. So you are interested in buying Persian and Oriental area rugs for your home, but are not sure what to look for? This guide is intended to be a quick and helpful... Read More