Often times, when a customer is shopping for a new handmade rug, they’ll come across a rug that’s priced at – for example – $1000, and then they’ll see another same-sized rug at $3000. Hence, the question: “why is this rug 3 times more expensive?”

The obvious answers here include:

• this rug cost us more to purchase
• this rug took longer to make, hence more work hours involved
• and more notably, this rug has 400 knots per square inch, compared to 150 knots per square inch in the less expensive rug.

All the above are true. However, it’s important to realize that rugs are prized for their “practicality”. They are meant to be used and enjoyed. I often tell our clients and friends that while quality in a rug is important like in anything else, in the end you’ll be happier with a mediocre rug that matches your decor and style, than a top-notch rug that is neither your style or your taste. As long as you go with a handmade rug that’s wool, you should be in a good shape. So give priority to the design and characteristics of a rug that appeals to you. Now, if that same rug happens to be a very fine quality, then so the better. But unless you are buying the rug strictly for investment and collection purposes, the priorities should be having a durable rug that you LIKE, and makes you enjoy your home even more.

Buy from a reputable dealer and buy with confidence… and buy what you like!